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Kids today with their technology... aerocontrols Send a noteboard - 28/11/2018 02:39:26 PM

My wife asks the kids to send us their Christmas lists. Daughter types up a list in... Wordpad, maybe... on her school-provided laptop, then takes a picture of her screen with her phone and apparently uses Snapchat to send it to our phones as a text. (I could be wrong about exactly what she did, but the filename of the image is Snapchat-##########.jpg)

That seems... unnecessarily complicated. And now I have to re-type it to get it into our Christmas spreadsheet.

Other daughter, meanwhile, is grumbling and typing something and I ask her what's up:

Her: Mom told me to go through my English essay and put two spaces after every sentence.

Me: That's not correct anymore. You don't have to do that.

Her: So it's wrong?

Me: Yeah, but the teacher won't dock you for it so it's no big deal.

Her: (Perfectionist) So now I have to change it back?! <angry>

Me: Well, if you really want to change it you can probably just exit without saving if you haven't made any other changes.

Her: ...? <tilts head>

Me: Let me just show you how to do a find/replace.

Oh, and this one sent her Christmas list as a screen capture from her phone, to our phones as a text message.

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