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I am of two minds of this. (This is France) Roland00 Send a noteboard - 05/12/2018 09:09:33 PM

Mind 1: People are "rioting" over a 17 cent a gallon gas tax increase in France (it is 30 cents with Diesel.) Furthermore this tax increase has not even gone into effect yet.

Mind 2: Well "my" country is no different. We (aka the US) had a "tea party" over a tax increase that went into effect 6 years earlier. 6 years prior to the tea party taxes were increased on many goods tea and other things with the Townsend acts. 3 years prior to the tea party all the taxes in the Townsend act were repealed with the exception of the tax on tea. Aka people were protesting on the "symbol" of taxation and not the actual taxes itself.

¯\(ツ)/¯ So I guess people are absurd over material / concrete things and the intersection of those things with abstract things / aka ideas. We as humans like to smash material things with a riot to combat an idea, for one can't punch an idea directly I guess.

Edit: I forgot how RAFO hates some types of font formats even though it works great in the preview bar, when you hit submit it messes up.

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