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That Nick Sandmann & his Covington pals havn't been hanged is apparently white privilege Cannoli Send a noteboard - 25/01/2019 01:27:59 AM

You want to see privilege in action? Watch the video of the hour before Phillips shows up on the scene. Racial privilege is the ability of the group of blacks to stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for over an hour and spew racial epithets, sexual slurs with obscene language and fringe religious diatribes against Indian paganism. To explicitly, on more than one occasion, call for religiously motivated violence. To be able to post a video THEY recorded, on YouTube, featuring the cameraman and others of their group expressing intentions to assault a skateboarder if he comes closer. To be able to do all of this with no fear of repercussions or even prominent criticism.

No white person would dare do any of that, unless he was looking to make a point by being arrested, assaulted or driven from the scene by the authorities.

To further illustrate racial privilege, during the entirety of the blacks' performance, there are numerous white people in the area, fully aware of the racist invective against them. The only people who respond to the preachers are Indians, other blacks and some women of indeterminate race, but probably Hispanic or Indian. White men know better than to defend themselves against racial invective or verbal abuse from anyone other than a white man.

White privilege means that a group of white males, supposedly with their blood up, smug and arrogant in their power and invulnerability, did not dare approach within six feet of the preachers.

White privilege means that when some agitator with a history of attempted incitement leads a group of people banging shabby percussion instruments approaches a group of white males, without requesting any accomodation or passage, the white people are supposed to deferentially get out of his way.

White privilege means that a group of young people from the state where Lincoln was born, may not stand in place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Racial privilege means that Nathan Phillips gets the last word with the same interviewer who was roundly criticized for handling with kid gloves, an actual kid. Racial privilege means that Phillips' narrative keeps getting repeated in spite of video evidence that shows him initiating the contact. On one video, taken by one of the black preachers, pointed at the monument, the preachers are centered in front of the Memorial, with the Covington kids on the steps above them, and to the left of the screen. Phillips & his group (which is seldom mentioned in accounts of his actions), approach from the right of the screen, pass between the preachers and the Memorial and walk into the group of kids.

Phillips' own explanation of his actions indicates racism, that he presumes the white kids are going to attack the black preachers. Maybe he should have asked some of his fellow Indians who had verbally sparred with the preachers earlier, who were the more likely assailants (or who deserved to be attacked). But there's your racial privilege again. Whites are presumed guilty, and no one thinks to comment on the reasoning behind Phillips' choice of sides.

And now the big thing is to complain about how people have the temerity to believe Sandmann's version, or at least allow him to express it, when it's largely supported by video evidence, and contrast that with the alleged reception black teens would face in such a situation or how black teens are commonly treated, ie getting shot by the police.

Well, see, the thing is, white teens are not serving as hoodwinked and bamboozled foot soldiers in the genocide of their own race. How many murders are committed by 16 year old whites, as opposed to blacks? The extreme of white teen criminality boils down to having a "punchable face." He's not accused of saying anything, not accused of doing anything. 64-year-old Indians feel safe walking into a crowd of young white males and being deliberately aggravating, or saying things like "Go back to Europe!" (as one of Phillips' companions does. When a white youth tries to argue with that speaker, Sandmann turns from his face-off with Phillips to wave his companion to silence) Black religious fringe preachers feel perfectly safe harranguing crowds of white people with derogatory comments and calling nearby priests "faggot" and "child molestor" and are not remotely ashamed to be videotaped hoping for an excuse to assault a person of another race. But even Jesse Jackson does not feel safe being on the same street with a young black male.

There is no question that both the black preachers and Nathan Phillips and his companions were trying to provoke a violent or even indignant response, and had their cameras ready for just such an opportunity to manfucture a racial incident. And most of the white media who has view of this incident not pre-determined by social justice ideology, is speaking circumspectly and in restrained fashion, while hoping some non-racial-activist black with a platform will speak in defense of the Covington students, someone who is actually ALLOWED to voice open and explicit and unequivocal criticism of Indians and black racists and say what these white people are thinking but not allowed to say, because of white privilege.

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye!
Deus Vult!
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That Nick Sandmann & his Covington pals havn't been hanged is apparently white privilege - 25/01/2019 01:27:59 AM 313 Views
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