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Tell me about it, reparations boy Cannoli Send a noteboard - 28/01/2019 01:25:01 AM

Not just center-left, but even left of center publications have been spending considerable ink lambasting the quick rush to judgment, if not necessarily exnerating either side. To the point where all the teeth gnashing over this is starting to grate. But that isn't enough, clearly...

How about an apology to the kid who was targeted over this? "Without exnerating either side" is precisely the problem. How about condemning and de-platforming everyone who threatened, suggested or alluded to violence against him? Much of that "teeth gnashing" that's so grating to you is merely acknowledging a tactical error, not condemning the lynch mob against a child. They aren't condemning the rush to judgment for trying to destroy an innocent kid's life, they are reprimanding their allies for blowing the ambush with a premature volley. "No, no. Save it for when we get someone this will work against!"

When Donald Trump blamed both the bad people demonstrating in Charlottesville and the people who assaulted them, your ilk blew up, because they thought the rioter had good reasons for initiating violence. Well Sandmann didn't do anything remotely conceivable as wrong, but the best the left can come up with is self-criticism that robs him of the exoneration he is owed.

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
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