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And I would say that this is something that we don't see.... Jeordam Send a noteboard - 09/08/2019 10:06:49 PM

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For white males, suicide is by far the leading cause of gun deaths. People with mental illness do not typically become mass shooters. But they often shoot themselves. Trusting family to ensure guns are safely secured when someone is suicidal is obviously not working.

I didn't speak of it here, because I'm honestly still processing through this, but I had a very close friend...someone I love dearly....take his own life with his firearm. To say that I was caught off guard by this would be a significant understatement. He was obviously suffering from depression something awful. He had always been a "lone wolf" type of guy, but I had no idea. His wife had no idea. He would go through phases of being open and talkative, then to going full "hermit-mode". Even when asked point blank, he just said that he got "quiet"...not that he was depressed or what not. All this to say that family/friends/loved living right there...may not see it.


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