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The writer of the current Wheel of Time project has some weird stuff going on Cannoli Send a noteboard - 12/03/2020 05:23:27 AM

Sylas K Barrett was not the name he used when he started reading The Wheel of Time and blogging about it. But has apparently retconned his old name out of existence, re-crediting all his posts as Sylas K Barrett (although in the first article he introduces himself as Kelsey Jefferson Barrett). Then, a few months ago, he revealed that he had not been posting for a while because "We could have used some of that Aes Sedai healing in the Sylas household these past few weeks" and "my darling counterpart and’s own Emmet Asher-Perrin had to have emergency brain surgery".

Emmet is the name now credited with all the work formerly attributed to Emily, who I am like 90% certain I have ridiculed mentioned on this MB in the past. I'm fairly certain 'needing brain surgery' is something that should not surprise me about this Asher-Perrin person in the least.

So a few months ago, we have a Kelsey Jefferson Barrett and an Emily Asher-Perrin, who are 'counterparts' and apparently share a household, and now go by Sylas & Emmet.

I cannot WAIT until he gets to "Lord of Chaos" and meets Aran'gar!

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The writer of the current Wheel of Time project has some weird stuff going on - 12/03/2020 05:23:27 AM 320 Views
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