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So Trump is the first racist president, according to Joe Biden Cannoli Send a noteboard - 23/07/2020 01:28:01 PM

We should all vote for so we can have a moron president and complete the set.

After multiple segregationist presidents plus nearly every Democrat since the 20th century...
Woodrow Wilson endorsed and promoted Birth of a Nation for its historical realism.
Franklin Roosevelt put Japanese Americans in concentration camps based solely on their race, despite J Edgar Hoover dismissing them as a security threat. He appointed a Klansman to SCOTUS.
JFK plotted with George Wallace to make Wallace a hero to his segregationist base. The majority of black civil rights leaders chose to endorse Dick Nixon over him.
Lyndon Johnson opposed nearly every Civil Rights bill to come through the Senate, supported the 1964 Act out of political calculation referring to the support he would get from them "niggers"
Jimmy Carter said something about racial neighborhoods I got punished for repeating as a kid, which his haigiographers have managed to flush down the memory hole.
Bill Clinton called himself "the first black president" and honored and welcomed at the White House segregationists Orville Fabus & William Fulbright.
Barry Obama explicitly chose sides in the attempted judicial lynching of George Zimmerman explicitly due to the races of the parties involved, not even bothering to pretend it had anything to do with other issues which jibed with his political positions, and his book contains racial generalizations.
Every other president since the Civil War except Cleveland & Truman, has supported the existence of the GOP and its agenda, which many saints and persons of unimpeachable judgment have declared to be unforgivably racist.

Also, some presidents owned slaves, though I don't consider that relevant to racism. You can own slaves without being racist, and oppose slavery while still being racist. Give me the latter over the former any day of the week.

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
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Deus Vult!
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So Trump is the first racist president, according to Joe Biden - 23/07/2020 01:28:01 PM 289 Views
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