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Why is Dak Prescott a saint now? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 13/10/2020 12:14:29 AM

So I was watching the Dallas-NY Giants game yesterday, and Dak Prescott run, stupidly, like quarterbacks are not supposed to do, and rather than slide, tried to break a tackle. And he broke his ankle. As you do when you run dumb risks. And the reactions of the players on the field and the announcers in the booth were acting like someone got shot. It's an ankle injury. He's already a multi-millionaire and is going to get the best medical treatment possible for this thing. Hell, it turns out it was a broken bone, which is a MUCH better thing to have than screwing up your tendons or ligaments. And we're hardly talking a legend of the game. He's a 5th year quarterback of a lousy team, who lucked into joining a team his rookie year that had three All-Pro offensive linemen and the best running back in the league, which meant he had little to no pressure on him. So, yeah. He had some initial success. Oddly enough, last year I think, I saw an interview where the interviewer seemed to think he had a legit grievance that he was not being paid the same money as Jared Goff & Carson Wentz who were drafted in the same year he was. That each of them had played for a Super Bowl team (withOUT three All-Pro blockers in front of them or the best running back in the league) and Prescott still has not never seemed to occur to anyone.

And now Tony Dungy, of whom I have never been a fan, is getting slammed for saying the injury could be a blessing in disguise. First of all, when Prescott got injured, the Cowboys were holding on to a 1 point lead. Under his backup, they won the game by 3 points, helped by his passing on the game-winning drive. Part of the reason the Giants were so close with Prescott in the game (they actually had a 14 point lead over Prescott at one point, which they have never had all season) was his throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. And one impression I took away from the game was that with Prescott out, rather than put the game in the hands of a backup QB, they focused more on the running game and giving the ball to Ezekial Elliot. Which they should have been doing anyway. Removing Prescott from the game forced the Cowboys to go back to their best player and focus on the most effective play style. The removal of the only QB to throw an interception in that game (and throwing more interceptions than Daniel Jones in a given game is a pretty striking "accomplishment" ) DID turn out to be a blessing. Removing the only guy to throw a touchdown pass to a Giants player DID help the Giants' opponent win.

But the reaction is like the heart and soul of the NFL was suddenly afflicted with a mortal illness. They are treating Dungy like he blasphemed and crapped on the reputation of a renowned philanthropist and humanitarian.

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