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So with all the snow we're getting... Cannoli Send a noteboard - 19/02/2021 05:37:03 PM

...neither Spartacus Corey Booker nor Bob Menendez has come by to shovel us out, or even plow the roads. Why do we even have Senators? And apparently, it's an epidemic, nationwide, since Cruz is ditching his part too.

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye!
Deus Vult!
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So with all the snow we're getting... - 19/02/2021 05:37:03 PM 105 Views
And you know Feinstein isn't gonna help... - 19/02/2021 10:01:04 PM 35 Views

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