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She could look forward to around 300 years as one of the most politically powerful people in the world.

That you consider this a reason to live over soul-crushing trauma and the loss of a loved one basically says all anyone needs to know about your priorities.

She had evidence that she could continue to push for a political solution to the Seanchan issue.

So? Political solutions to Seanchan issues is also not exactly the sort of thing one whispers to someone gasping for life.

She knew if it came down to war, she was well set to give them a drubbing.

Yeah, no. The books are pretty clear that's beyond her rather limited power. A coalition of nations led by the Aiel couldn't do it, there is no way the least militarily competent channeling organization, especially shackled by the Oaths for which Egwene herself is literally ride-or-die, is going to manage. Especially not under the leadership of someone for whom ignoring or rejecting good military judgment is one of her best-established character traits.

And her chief weakness, though she probably wasn't in a mental frame to admit it right then, her idiotic husband who would recklessly risk her life for no reason, was now gone.

Too late. He already brought that risk to pass, and the trauma of his death was a strong motivating factor in her own self destruction.

She could devote herself to learning and growing the Tower. She had the most reason to want to live through the Last Battle.

"learning" has never been something she cares about for its own sake. It's only ever been a means to an end. "growing the Tower" is hardly a personally or spiritually fulfilling purpose in life. It's no different than telling a CEO that he should live to expand the Fortune 500 company he took over.

She chose not to because the alternative was a new hole in the Pattern. She didn't kill herself to be able to follow Gawyn into the afterlife. It wasn't suicide, it was sacrifice.

She choose to embrace an excuse to overdose on the Power because she literally had nothing but power to live for, and in her traumatized state, the euphoria of the Power was irresistible, and she sees everything as a personal challenge that she herself must handle, and admitting she needs help, much less asking for it, is anathema to her.
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