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There's some sort of weird trailer where Rosamund Pike in an English accent sums up her character's backstory. Beginning by introducing herself as "Moiraine Sedai." Because that's her name? Because it's super in-character for Moiraine to tell anyone, ever, what she is doing unless she really needs to?

She goes on to say how she learned of the vision of the baby Dragon being reborn and now she has to find that person before the Dark One etc etc. And it ends with "who is the Dragon Reborn?" So she's going to be the PoV character trying to solve this mystery? That could work, but they need to make just the right changes so she doesn't look like a colossal idiot for not realizing that It's the white guy. Seriously, you're looking for someone born a thousand miles away and you DON'T know it's the guy who doesn't look like any of his neighbors?

See, for all we know, Moiraine figured out which one it was from the outset. We can't say for sure, because her actions and motivations and perceptions were deliberately left opaque. It helps her portrayal as mysterious and superior if you don't know what she knows or when she knows it. But from a cinematographic perspective (if I'm right about what constitutes cinematography), they're already chipping at that, with her depiction, based on glimpses in the trailers and such. They aren't showing her badly, but she's not coming across as she does to the Two Rivers folk. It's more gritty and showing effort. There's a shot in the trailer of her coming in out of the rain, that really bugged me. And not just because Lan somehow let her go through the door first (hey, maybe he already came in and he's just out of frame), but because it's a protagonist shot, not a shot of someone the point of view character or audience is in awe of.

Heck there's a shot of Egwene walking into a room that looks a lot more like that. It's kind of in-character, because it seems like she's coming into the common room of the Winespring, but she does not look like she's entering a room full of her parents' customers. Instead, she looks like she's utterly confident of the lack of odor of her bodily waste and is waiting to be recognized for it. Which is totally Egwene. But it's a characterization I'd be really surprised to see the show playing toward, since there is not a lot of intersection between the group that is likely to see Moiraine as the true hero of the story and the one that sees Egwene as a self-absorbed upstart who thinks she is.

By the way, do we need a new Topic option for the show, or will we pretty much assume "Wheel of Time" means the show henceforth?

They are going to change a lot - you need to relax or you're going to have a stroke.

On the official Wheel of Time site they have a synopsis for each character and some of the stuff is already dodgy. Mat.. "his parents were far from role models, yet he fears himself fated to follow their path."

(you might like the Egwene one... "she is determined, steadfast and driven by logic)

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