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It's sad because there were some promising moments and I didn't hate some of the actors TheCrownless Send a noteboard - 24/12/2021 05:35:23 AM

Pike makes a good Moiraine and I think Henney would have made a good Lan if they'd let him play that character instead of whatever that was. The guy who plays Rand looks the part and I think does the teenage angst of Rand pretty well. Mat would have been decent too, but obviously he's jumped off the project.

The actual plot though, hot mess.

I think my posts here have shown I'm not in the slightest bit bothered about things trying to be "woke" for the sake of it and I generally find criticisms of those attempts just an excuse to show a bit of prejudice but the whole "the dragon can be man or woman" thing seriously damaged the narrative of the story and failed to set up the stakes for what the Dragon is. It's a really poor story telling choice for a cheap mystery arc which played out very unsatisfactorily.

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Thank God it’s over. - 24/12/2021 04:40:17 AM 455 Views
It's sad because there were some promising moments and I didn't hate some of the actors - 24/12/2021 05:35:23 AM 120 Views
When the woke choices are the cause of the poor plot then they deserve criticism. - 25/12/2021 03:46:18 PM 95 Views
Cause is the issue there - 25/12/2021 06:26:06 PM 94 Views
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I didn't say it was the only reason, please don't put words in my mouth. - 27/12/2021 12:58:18 PM 87 Views
Yeah... production looked good, acting is decent to good, pity the writers made so many bad choices. - 27/12/2021 06:32:36 PM 77 Views
Not to mention the reveal was like "oh, just this little thing" - 28/12/2021 07:01:21 AM 85 Views
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