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I am feeling pretty broody about the Harry Dresden books. He was one of my favorite book boyfriends. Now, I'm not sure I care what happens. I don't know if I've grown and he didn't, or if we grew down different paths. We just don't mesh anymore.

Pandemic reading has done a weird turn for me. I'm drawn to increasingly to more and more paranormal romance books. The werewolf, vampire, ghost sexy books. Give me a dopamine dump or get off my kindle. Those books are so unsatisfying though. I've taken to writing my own parody-normal romance stories.

My brain is definitely languishing. And I miss the feeling I used to get reading some Dresden snark.

Thank you for attending my pity party.

On the note of this thread, YES I need a gay boyfriend who can drown on and on about the gothic and why it is so enchanting, the sense of decay in majestic places.

Hannibal is not enough!

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