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Harry is going Dark Rand. Can't wait! Cannoli Send a noteboard - 21/01/2022 03:22:30 AM

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How did you like the last couple books?

That is going to be one of the key moments in the future where Harry looks back and asks himself how he ended up being the villain. He's chummier than ever with Mab and Lara Raith. Marcone, who has always been a sort of alternate path Harry, is revealed as a Denarian. He's increasingly cut off from his friends, he's lost the one person who was always there to kick him in the ass to dislodge his head when it was getting too far up there, he's on the outs with his grandfather, his brother is out of it and while Maggie is around, she's going to clearly be spending a lot of time at St Mark's being protected by Irving & Connie so Harry can cut loose and get into even more trouble, and Mouse is going to be with her. It's going to be rough dealing with his other friends, after the battle of Chicago, where he led lots of mortal fighters to their deaths. Because now it's going to be easier to use other people the same way. In the battle, it was a desperate situation and they were strangers, so he did it. But next time, he's going to probably have to send one of the Alphas or a knight or one of the other BFS members to their death or sacrifice them, and after killing Susan and having Karrin die at his side, it's not going to matter as much.

I think as we get into the finale, Harry's going to be allied with Nicodemus and Mab and Drakul and the White Court, he's going to be wielding the Eye of Balor, the energies of Demonreach, the power of the Darkhallow and Lasciel and the Winter Mantle and being served by some of the monsters formerly imprisoned monsters whom it seemed like a good idea to release at the time. I'm really looking forward to how Butcher gets us there, while making his descent still plausible.

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