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How did we never hear about Gilbert Gottfried voicing the Dark One talking to Demandred? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 01/08/2022 04:22:54 AM

There is this video on YouTube of a couple of people reading the Demandred PoV section of the prologue to Lord of Chaos, one of them reads the narration, another does Demandred's voice, and Gilbert Gottfried seems to do the voice of the Dark One. And it looks like his face doing the reading.

Either he liked the books, or owed a fan a favor, or things got so rough after he got cancelled for whatever reason (I honestly don't remember why he was replaced as the AFLAC duck) that he had to take a paying gig like this.

BTW, this pushes Amazon's Wheel of Time show down to about 5th place on the Robert Jordan necrophilia shitty imitations list. The ranking goes, in best-to-worst order:

  • A Memory of Lightby Brandon Sanderson &Harriet Rigney's impatient creditors"Team Jordan"

  • "Winter Dragon" with Billy Zane as Ishamael

  • This audio prologue with Gottfried as the Dark One

  • The Gathering Stormby Brandon Sanderson & "Team Jordan"

  • Towers of Midnightby Brandon Sanderson & "Team Jordan"

  • "The Wheel Turns Anew" fan fiction series (assuming it did not get better after book 1 [of at least 4], in which Tam was a pedophile and Egwene was killed at the Eye of the World, which is probably why someone insisted I had to read it and would not be able to resist finishing if I just stuck through to the end of book 1)

  • Amazon & Rafe Judkins' show (interestingly, I feel the show treated Egwene even worse than 'Wheel Turns Anew" )

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How did we never hear about Gilbert Gottfried voicing the Dark One talking to Demandred? - 01/08/2022 04:22:54 AM 66 Views
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