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Happy now, progressives? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 18/01/2023 01:51:55 AM

If you hadn't committed so much voter fraud against Donald Trump's scyophants hand-picked 4-D chess teammates, there would have been a Red Wave, and with a Republican dominated House and Senate, this thing with the classified documents would have been exactly the sort of thing to inspire revengeful impeachment proceedings, and we would be this close to the First Female President, who is also a socially-awkward retard Multicolored Hybrid Person. I know we had one of those latter in the White House before, but Kamal Harris's multi-colors are all shades of brown. No pair of white grandparents in her woodpile. Plus, she's kinda sorta Jewish.

Oh well. George Santos is not looking tremendously unqualified for the Oval Office by comparison this century. Maybe we'll get a swarthy gay soon.

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.” GK Chesteron
Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye!
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Happy now, progressives? - 18/01/2023 01:51:55 AM 195 Views
I would be happy with someone competent in office. - 18/01/2023 05:35:40 AM 119 Views
I hoped you enjoyed your national holiday, the MLK day *waves* *NM* - 18/01/2023 10:22:53 PM 31 Views

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