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Thanks for asking. Winters are difficult for me as well, so I understand.

Yes, knock yourself out. I posted this to hear what you and others think. I realize it will probably be longer than I would like and will contain numerous esoteric references quite unlike my own clearly stated thoughts.

Your thoughts are clear, laughs , okay they are traceable

Sidenote have you ever read DUNE?

I am not in the mood to write about this, not yesterday and likely not today. (1st) But projective identification is the answer you are looking for. The 2nd answer you are looking for that builds on the first (2nd) the difference between passive denial vs active disavow and how passive vs active is a gradient and not just a binary.

(Gets lost in feels)
Believe it or not this is the stuff I hate, I do not like talking about it, putting a voice in the air for bringing it into the realm of voice is a state that makes so many people feel flustered, frustratred, and they take it out of you for they have not learned how to cope with these horrors.

I have learned to cope (this is not pride, or building myself up here, but instead sharing trauma), by tackling these issues 25 years ago and 15 years ago … and that took a whole lot of time, the concept of “enmeshment”, and the answer for me is subjective and thus it is unsatisfactory and ungratifying to others at first taste. No no no … I just used the right word with gratifying and grateful but let’s use a synonym, it is so not “pleasing” and “pleasant” and so many people are so used to living in that mental state where things feel secure and “pleasur”-able that as soon as their worlds feel a little bit shooked, some people (a minority) become really nasty and god it is dreadful being near them with no “escape”
(Getting lost in feels over, I will ramble a bit though)

I have shared a casual acquaintance podcast before here, someone I from time to time play x box with (links the podcast). Here is an episode he has done in the past about Projective Identification. Note the episode is called Freud and Politics but understand many of the concepts here are actually post Freud or Contemporary with Freud. For example Projective Identification is a Melanie Klein term, she was a divorced lady in her 40s who was brilliant but had to start her life over during mid life (this was the 1920s, this a different time)

projective identification allows you to rediscover a plot, (any plot) a very stupid and stupefying plot, when one feels lost and unmoored. Creating an enemy, even a false one, one you trolled into existence, literally a conspiracy theory, allows you to return to the self generating triad of 1) activity, 2) reflexive and 3) passive. 1 and 2 one can do by yourself in a pleasant or unpleasant mood state, 3 requires the other to give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, 3 is where value is made / exchanged. But when you feel lost and unmoored, and you are not capable of thinking pleasant thoughts you can create a projective identification state where you know the 3 and answer it before the other person has time to respond, you just effectively with your emotions bulldoze them with 3 for you know the answer for you have already decided the other side is a bad person, or some mixture of human or animal, or they are uncivilized, yadda, yadda, yadda

(More emotion babble) god I hate the death drive, it has the ability to do much good this instinct, but it is also the source of such much wicked depravity. (Sorry)

Yes I just wrote a lot Mookie, I am sorry, I am venting emotions and dumping here. I wrote with the intent of venting and not to be clear and pleasant, I am sorry. Being professional here would take a lot of work.

I wrote not with the goal of being clear and elegant which takes like 3 or 4 rewrites when dealing with difficult concepts, for things that deal with two things can be true at once this is difficult and complex. Navigating between these truths, these “trusts” require you do it elegantly or disaster occurs for you did not manage the Goldilocks zone of just right. Yes that last two sentences are run ons (almost a paragraph) god so much babble.

Pat Blanchfield, guesting on Know Your Enemy talking Freud and Others
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