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This is something I will be looking at Nebhead Send a noteboard - 11/01/2024 02:06:07 PM

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I remember WoTmania shuttering as I was getting ready to go to uni.

Ah, well. Things change; people change. Most of us are on Facebook anyway. Still, it will be sad to see it go.

Maybe someone will be able to save a big archive of RAFO and WoTmania. It's a shame to think of all of it being lost to memory.

and is why I'm not giving any firm dates until I understand if/how it's possible. I'd love to keep the CMB archives and the RAFO board(s) available if there's a way to do so which doesn't mean continuing to run a server in the way I do now.

It's all my fault...
Vegas Aug 17-18 - A Night to Remember

Spoony made this aaaages ago for me. Never got to use it though... until now!
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