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Ah, yes soilent brad Send a noteboard - 01/10/2011 09:17:41 AM
Now I have a few more things to keep an eye out for as I'm going through the series. Speaking of, I've just finished The Eleventh Hour and I find something odd about the figure that runs past the window inside the house while little Amelia is waiting for the Doctor. I don't think it can be Prisoner Zero, since it's twelve years before any of the coma victims. It just seemed a little... Flesh-y, if you know what I mean. But, chances are, I'm seeing things simply because I'm trying to keep an eye open for possible headless monks earlier on in the season.

It wasn't Prisoner Zero's shadow. It was too humanoid. It was the Doctor, when he gets rewound through time before being erased in The Big Bang. He appears in Amelia's house on the night he left her waiting, and goes through the kitchen and outside to find her sleeping. That's the shadow we see passing in the first episode.

I predicted it was him before the season finished, but I thought it was a second version of the Doctor hiding behind the scenes and influencing his past self.

I've wondered about the timing, since Amelia was asleep by the time the rewinding Doctor got there, but I've heard that Moffat confirmed it on DVD commentary.

I remember that, now. Going to have to put the commentaries on, at some point.

Also! The museum at the beginning Time of Angels is the last resting place of the headless monks, and they keep a bunch of the Doctor's stuff there. After all, he's one of the things sure to be found at a museum at some point - it's how he keeps score.

Yeah, I know. Reading too much into everything :P Still keeping an eye out for the monk's robe in the Big Bang, though.
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