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is it wrong I was lauging my ass off when ... ((SPOILER)) imlad Send a noteboard - 17/05/2013 07:38:09 PM

Spock watched Kirk die and then do the Khan-bomb?

I just couldn' help it, from the moment Kirk went into the radiation filled chamber I was giggling, because I saw where it was gonna go, the whole reversed death scene; I thought it was brilliant. And when Spock shouted Khan's name, I practically jumped out of my seat laughing.

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So Cumberbatch is Khan after all. The creators denied it for two years and then he simply is. To be honest, I didn't see Wrath of Khan until 1 or 2 years ago and was so disappointed. That film felt old and dull. So I was somewhat indifferent to the idea of the character being rebooted. They ultimately decided to pick up the character in their alternative universe established by the first film. And as far as I am concerned, that worked. Cumberbatch was excellent and a real menace.

I loved that Khan is not an evil villain, though. He's a soldier and does what he does best. If that means teaming up with the good guys as long as he needs them, fine. It was also very refreshing that the bad guy did not die, but was needed in the end of the film.

Which leads us to what will probably cause the biggest reaction to the movie. Inverted to the original Khan film this time it's Kirk taking the radiation and dying from it, with Spock crying outside the window. I find the scene worked (mostly thanks to Quinto's fine acting), but I won't blame anyone who has a problem with this homage/rip-off.
But instead of ending the film on a down note and with a possible set up for a Search for Kirk film, he comes back to life thanks to Khan's blood. Again, won't point my fingers at anyone calling that lame, but the delivery was so great you don't notice until later that it was a tad lazy perhaps.

Also: didn't like the new golden, hairless look of the Klingons. They can do better than that.

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