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Very true. Noticed the similarities to Rogue Nation as I was watching AgentApple Send a noteboard - 11/11/2015 03:30:31 PM

And the train fight just so they can hand themselves over to the main villain later. Gah. Well, if they skipped the train fight they would have no excuse for the sex scene that follows it as a "we survived" sugar rush. And then the blond wouldn't have an excuse to say I love you in such an out of character fashion. So the main villain couldn't use her to bring down Bond. So sloppy.

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Spectre: How far up their own asses have the Bond people lodged their heads? - 11/11/2015 04:27:39 AM 1289 Views
You're not wrong. Well, once maybe. - 11/11/2015 11:08:13 AM 612 Views
Very true. Noticed the similarities to Rogue Nation as I was watching - 11/11/2015 03:30:31 PM 499 Views
That's a shame - 11/11/2015 05:54:23 PM 528 Views
The biggest problem with the Craig films is the lack of humour. - 17/11/2015 07:40:11 PM 570 Views
Exactly! - 17/11/2015 11:08:20 PM 533 Views
THe early Cean Connery ones were not that cheesy - 20/11/2015 07:12:45 PM 563 Views
I don't know, I'm inclined to say they're the best ones since Timothy Dalton. - 21/11/2015 02:49:04 AM 477 Views
And Spectre ran with that - 21/11/2015 11:02:24 PM 530 Views
He's one of the worst Bonds, maybe the worst - 28/11/2015 10:36:01 AM 472 Views
One of the worst yes, but the worst of all was Lazenby. *NM* - 09/12/2015 06:35:26 PM 298 Views
i generally agree with your analysis - 09/12/2015 06:46:51 AM 500 Views
Somewhat to my surprise, I find myself agreeing with you on most points. - 09/12/2015 10:55:46 PM 424 Views
Including the subliminal "Vote Trump" message? *NM* - 09/12/2015 11:24:16 PM 336 Views
Er, what? I must've missed that part. - 10/12/2015 11:37:17 PM 413 Views

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