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And Spectre ran with that Cannoli Send a noteboard - 21/11/2015 11:02:24 PM

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So I guess it's just a question of taste - I prefer the Bond movies which at least remotely make sense.
This one doesn't.
Craig is a decent enough actor - unlike every other Bond except, again, Timothy Dalton, he made it appear believable that Bond had actual feelings back in Casino Royale. And unlike Cannoli, I rather liked Eva Green in that role.

I haven't liked any of Craig's Bond girls, except maybe Moneypenny. I even like Olga Kurilenko in just about anything, but not QoS. And don't get me started on Gemma Arterton.
It's true the plot isn't always too great or coherent, but still Casino Royale or Skyfall were several degrees of magnitude better than many other action movies I could name. Though in fairness, the last Mission Impossible made a surprisingly convincing case for the "screw making sense, nobody cares about coherence" school of film-making.
Nothing in those movies made sense. I thought the politics of Phantom Menace were better than Skyfall or Spectre.
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