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That's a shame ßelals Girl Send a noteboard - 11/11/2015 05:54:23 PM

I was really disappointed in the last movie because Bond basically failed at everything he set out to accomplish. I dont mind a more serious take on Bond-he doesn't HAVE to be an invincible smug Marty Stu to be interesting or fun. But that doesn't mean he has to become a loser whose only role is to get foiled and humiliated over and over again either.

I was really hoping this movie would be better because I love SPECTRE and was looking forward to seeing them again. I don't want their movie to suck like the last Bond movie did. But it sounds like it's just more of the same.

Also, haven't they already DONE the "shadowy figure from Bond/MI6's past shows up as a rival forcing the main characters to confront their demons" plotline a couple times now? Does Blofeld really NEED a whiny bitch reason to oppose Bond? Isn't being the head of a huge international criminal organization enough?

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