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Where are you going to be when you aren't here? nossy Send a noteboard - 17/03/2013 12:32:31 PM

Ever on facebook or similar?

View original postWell, that took about 3 minutes, only because I'm a 2-finger-pecker on the keyboard. (Which really sounds funny when you write it out and makes for some wierd imagery)

Lol. But now I'm wondering if you actually could have written the books faster than they seemed to come out. Surely my level of impatience isn't to blame.
View original postYeah. I guess it's all how you feel about Bela, and another one of the instances where Sanderson missed the mark, IMO. He saw her only as a horse, while most felt she was at least a minor character, albeit in a non-speaking role. Even though you said you weren't into the whole "Bela, Narg" stuff, you obviously felt some outrage at his mishandling her demise.

No, I always did like Bela, and I was sad at the end - I just meant that paying extra attention to her/posting about her/etc was always a bit out of my range.
View original postBTW, I started to reply to your thread below, (had about 3 paragraphs written), when my PC decided it was going to do some updates that I had put off for an hour. So, I'll go work on that shortly.

Sweet. I feel a bit different now than I did five minutes after I finished it, so it will be nice to have a real discussion, rather that "?!?! WAHT?! Woah, nellies!"
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