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It may not be fair. nossy Send a noteboard - 23/03/2013 12:12:44 PM

View original postMuch of the criticism of BS seems to focus on his ability (or lack thereof) of writing RJ's characters exactly the same as RJ.....mannerisms, dialogue, actions, etc.

View original postSo, my question is this. Is it really fair to hold it against him that some characters are not perfect? I assume this is extremely hard to do, inheriting a ton of characters from another author, especially from someone with a very distinctive style and history of exactness.

I still can't decide. However, I don't know that I care that much when an individual character isn't quite right; I care when they aren't even present. For me, it was worse to see my favorite characters do something major in one paragraph (or off-screen) or not do anything at all, when there were hours of Trolloc fights. I'm sure it was going to be that way with Jordan too, to some degree, but I do think he would have tied things up better for his main roles. I can't imagine he wouldn't have. What we got was very unsatisfying, for me.
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