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Juilan Sandar's hat imlad 02/01/2013 05:25:51 PM 963    
re: Asmo's murder: he answered it in the glossary? Seriously? imlad 15/07/2011 01:39:36 AM 1288    
from July of 1973 to the Summer of 1991, but if you mean once I've started them... imlad 29/05/2010 06:21:13 PM 394    
Rand won't be doing anything, cuz Jaime Lannister has kicked his a$$ imlad 11/04/2010 06:21:18 PM 375    
oh great, now my head hurts! imlad 09/04/2010 05:29:05 PM 290    
If he needs a good model for Demandred... imlad 09/04/2010 05:22:56 PM 701    
um, dumb question, but what is MAFO?? imlad 24/03/2010 04:19:36 AM 309 Yes  
well, it is still better than any of the Darrell K, Sweet feces we've put up with forever imlad 22/03/2010 04:32:12 PM 329    
new art for Lord Of Chaos? imlad 22/03/2010 06:17:16 AM 1008    
the person to beat Gawyn is Mat imlad 06/02/2010 06:36:03 AM 1072    
if we are interpreting what Sanderson has said correctly, then I guess I am wrong imlad 23/12/2009 02:26:45 AM 364    
yeah, he has, so my Darlin=Demandred theory is starting to fail me imlad 23/12/2009 02:22:21 AM 498    
Demandred=King Darlin of Tear imlad 23/12/2009 02:19:36 AM 617    
ever since LTT first appeared in Rand's head imlad 23/12/2009 02:18:03 AM 482    
at least they weren't trying to kill Mat & Co. while moaning "braaiiiinnnnssss!" imlad 23/12/2009 02:14:42 AM 170 Yes  
i see it as: hinder=hinter(lands) and stap=stop imlad 23/12/2009 02:12:45 AM 398    
i has similiar thoughts imlad 23/12/2009 02:09:34 AM 417    
i really wish i could understand what that sentence says imlad 23/12/2009 02:06:11 AM 187 Yes  
I'd rather see them keep the a'dam, and just leash all the current sul'dam imlad 18/12/2009 03:04:22 AM 454    
my gut is telling me that King Darlin of Tear is actually Demandred imlad 18/12/2009 02:47:35 AM 485