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First of all... Wulf`gar - 29/01/2003 08:46:40 AM

I was reading an article about the SuperBowl the other day, and on the brilliance of American so-called football. It said something along the lines of 3 minutes of play happens every two hours. While not being as bad as baseball (nine minutes of play every match), I feel it incredibly annoying that the Americans have taken the word used to describe a classic sport and turned into something we English do without the need for padding.

...You don't need padding because soccer while it IS a contact sport is NOT like football. You get hit by a 350 pound linebacker running at full speed and you see if you don't need padding. The PURPOSE is to try and tackle someone--of course they need padding you dolt. Oh, but wait, you've probably never WATCHED a game. And there's LOTS of action. The clock only stops in the last two minutes of each half and only on certain plays. I don't see why people don't think there's action.

Football is, and always has been, the true sport of kings. Ninety minutes of pure action and adrenaline, with massive highs and swooping lows, and a true joy to behold. And real football can be played by anyone. Do Americans decide to go down the park for a quick game of football? The answer is an unequivocal NO. But football is a sport both played and loved by all, and it's good name has been sullied by the Americans and their love of rugby with padding.

Massive highs and swooping lows. I suppose you're referring to the score being 0-0 for most of the game and then one team finally scores one lousy point and the crowd riots. Give me a break. At least rugby has the right idea that there should be more than one way to score.

Excuse me, I realise this post is going in a direction I didn't intend. I'm just gonna go and mellow out for a moment...

*returns with half-smile on face and eyes rolling up into head*

Ah, that's much better. Where was I? Oh, yes. Can an American please explain to me the benefits of American football and why it's apparently so much better than soccer? Is it just some huge joke against the unenlightened? Do people who do understand point and laugh at the ignorant? I need to know!

There's a TON of strategy, athleticism, and action in the game of football. I think most people just don't understand the game. Don't bash what you don't understand and quite obviously have never watched.


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