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Random Thoughts on Perceptions and other Silly Vaguenesses. Fanatic - 15/01/2003 11:22:57 PM

Hello Munchkins,

So how is the life? The cat. How is the cat? Good, good. ~looks out the window~ Well. I thought I might make a post here. ~shuffles feet, and arranges tea cups~ Would you... Would you like some? ~pours tea, then gets down to business~

So I'm reading through some of what you might call "the serious" threads here, and I keep getting struck by how ideologically entrenched people seem to be. I don't know if it's because we're all simpletons and we cannot see beyond our own biases, or if it affects everyone equally. But it is really starting to bug me.

~sips tea and scratches chin~

I see it like this, and it is sort of what I was getting at in an earlier post, that did not perhaps come through. We all know what we call ourselves, I guess, and what people think of us. Mierien is a pacifist liberal, and she knows it; aerocontrols is a conservative (or at least we think of him as such) and he is aware of it; Cap'n is a Democrat, and he knows it. And so on and so forth; and I do not mean to single these people out, but am just using them as examples I am cognizant of. What I wonder is, because we are aware of how we are thought of -- and what we think of ourselves -- are we always naturally defensive of other people and arguments that we align with our world-view?

Of course, you are thinking, are you going to use any weird phrases in this post, Fan, because if not... But bear with me. To delve deeper into silly vaguenesses, I'd like to just get some sort of discussion going on why we wandering blobs of sensual-cells think what we think, and why we are so adamant against other viewpoints.

Also, the manner in which one defends their viewpoint against a contrary viewpoint, often only leads to the other person defending their viewpoint in a more adamant manner. If our intent is to show the clarity of our thought, I find it amusing to note in doing so we often only make the other person see their own as more pertinent. It seems as though we are all blind forces forcing another force to feel more secure in its own blindness.

I guess what I'm trying to get at (In my 11:30, green tea-sipping, He-man pajamas-wearing manner) is this: I see all sorts of people arguing just the way I'd think they'd argue, based on prior experience; on a particular issue, I can usually discern who is going to think what; people I know do not surprise me by what they think, and it makes me wonder: why does one person think this, and another that? Is it due to intelligence level, or just some soft swirling at the bottom of each of our metaphysical identifies, telling us bear left here, swing a right here, this is the way to go, follow me, I know they way, I've been here before, this stump, this pink house...?

Quite honestly, I wonder if we've all turned our road-maps in different directions, while searching for the homely-hamburger shack of blissful agreement.


Here be Myth

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