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Re: I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Fanatic - 16/01/2003 10:01:41 AM

i already know that you'll most likely ignore this and not deign to respond. i also know that you know that i said that only to try to goad you into replying. what i don't know is whether i care to hear your reply.

Hm. Perhaps I have said something to you before, or flamed you, or some such. If so, it was all in jest, for I cannot recall ever ignoring you or some such, unless you have posted messages in the vein of ignorant anti-Americanism, which can only serve to make my brain throb. IF that is the case, it is far more likely that I grew tired of various misperceptions and unsupported assertions. Anyway, I felt no need to ignore you; whatever problem you think we've had in the past, I cannot recall it.

you see, fan, you're as deeply 'ideologically entrenched' as the rest of us. as you already (needlessly) pointed out, it's easy to guess the direction (nearly) any given personality will take on certain (non)issues.

Oh yes, of course I am.

you, just as an example, specialise in making others look like fools. most often, it's easy to do. sometimes it takes a bit of thought, but that's when it's really fun. unfortunately, it doesn't work in all cases. that's when you can ignore the person entirely and say 'it's not worth my time to talk to this idiot.'

I would disagree. Normally, if I put thought into it, I can make anyone look like a fool. If I have failed with you in the past, I am quite desirous of having another shot. Of course, as I say, I cannot recall ever having a discussion with you. More likely, you are taking a case where I did not even know I was trying to make someome into the fool. If so, I apologize, for it obviously bothered you in some sense.

But what you speak of above (I do not believe) is not what I spoke of in my post. The actions that you outline as belonging to me are just that, actions, acting. I grow bored, I do not try to appease my boredom.

but here's the problem, fan: most people are so caught up with absurd ideas like 'right' and 'wrong.' worse still, they apply them to ideas and situations and people that are simply too complex to be labelled with a blanket black-or-white response. and worst of all, it never occurs to them that we're all an expression of infinity, and therefore necessary.

Yes, people do have their own ideas of right and wrong, and try to apply them to situations of varying interpretations of right and wrong. That is where disputes come forth, to be argued into the everlasting stalemate of "you're a dumby-eared elephant-face".

Here be Myth

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