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hold on there, jumper. `Shade - 16/01/2003 04:42:36 PM

Hm. Perhaps I have said something to you before, or flamed you, or some such. If so, it was all in jest, for I cannot recall ever ignoring you or some such, unless you have posted messages in the vein of ignorant anti-Americanism, which can only serve to make my brain throb. IF that is the case, it is far more likely that I grew tired of various misperceptions and unsupported assertions. Anyway, I felt no need to ignore you; whatever problem you think we've had in the past, I cannot recall it.

no, no, no...i don't ever recall us having any kind of discussion before. i certainly don't have a problem with you. the comments i made resulted from casual observation over a period of time.

I would disagree. Normally, if I put thought into it, I can make anyone look like a fool. If I have failed with you in the past, I am quite desirous of having another shot. Of course, as I say, I cannot recall ever having a discussion with you. More likely, you are taking a case where I did not even know I was trying to make someome into the fool. If so, I apologize, for it obviously bothered you in some sense.

everyone's the fool at times. i wouldn't say that your typical actions have bothered me and it wasn't my intent to have you think that. what does bother me, however, is when otherwise intelligent people become so taken with their own cleverness that they simply cannot or will not acknowledge that the views of others are just as valid, although not necessarily in the same manner. i feel that you, like many of us, have been in danger of doing so in the past and i merely thought to call this to your attention in a roundabout manner (things tend to work better when one comes to such ideas on his own).

But what you speak of above (I do not believe) is not what I spoke of in my post. The actions that you outline as belonging to me are just that, actions, acting. I grow bored, I do not try to appease my boredom.

actually, it has quite a bit to do with your original post. as i mentioned above, often individuals approach becoming intellectual narcissists, which has as much to do with perception and other silly vaguenesses as anything else.

Yes, people do have their own ideas of right and wrong, and try to apply them to situations of varying interpretations of right and wrong. That is where disputes come forth, to be argued into the everlasting stalemate of "you're a dumby-eared elephant-face".

which is why discussion is all but useless except as a way to pass the time (and occasionally, perhaps, alleviate at least some of the rampant boredom). we should all just kick back and relax, and stop taking things so damned seriously.

Valopicurhak foc gecer bädëtti ve vöza pëvakommik tige lopicevö lopiccix.

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