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If I'd never seen a pomegranate, your sig would be highly disturbing. Obsidian Ashaman - 17/01/2003 10:12:21 PM

Okay... now how many of you actually came in here because that's cute? How many?
Not I!
I came in to see what bugsy was immitating with her above post. And that I did enter because of the trick.

1: Is it -really- that attractive/alluring to have a woman bat her lashes at you?
I've never seen it happen, so I wouldn't know. I don't imagine so.

1a: if so... why?
*Hums a little bit*

2:What flirting "techniques" actually work, and how effectively?

a: Flipping/showcasing of hair
If the hair is good, drawing attention to it can't hurt. But be subtle about it. None of this idly twirling a finger through the hair crap. Just let it blow in front of your eyes, leave it there for anywhere from a few seconds to a minute while A) Appearing to be deep in thought or B) Giving a meaningful gaze and a light smile to the subject of interest, then draw it away with a hand.

b: Winking
Only in the rarest of circumstances. It's a good thing if you're sharing a joke with the person, just like the normal use of a wink. In that case, it forms a sense of connection between just the two of you. It's a useful tool for subconscious work, but it's difficult to use properly. It's gotta be smooth.

Just winking for no reason is no good.

c: Blowing kisses
Bleh. Too forward. Too artificial. More useful as a taunt.

d: Small, subtle touches or brushes on the arm/hand/etc
Can be veeery good. Used in a (no pun intended) touching moment, this can absolutely make someone's day, and cement some good impressions of you into their head. You need to be careful with it though, because if they're not already comfortable with you it can have a repulsing effect.

e: Smiling
Probably the simplest, most commonly used, and most effective one out there. Ever been smiled at? I mean really smiled at? When their face lights up, and you can see it in their eyes? That's the good stuff. It speaks of sincerity. Eye contact is good too, if you want to be direct.

A smile is a wonderful tool because it can mean so many things. Anything from "I'm happy." to "I'm happy because you're here." They can interpret what they wish from a smile, and you can confirm or deny anything later if you need to. But by the same token, it's also not a very sure statement. You can't usually completely convey a message with a smile, but it is useful as an addon.

f: Giggling/Laughing
A nice laugh can be very attractive. A genuine, merry laugh complete with a twinkle in the eye can speak volumes. It really lets you see yourself with a person sometime down the road.

Other than that, laughing/giggling isn't that special. It's a good thing to do if it's part of your character, but there are no real special uses for it.

g: Swaying of hips
This is one that can be very easily overdone. When I see someone sway the hips too much, it makes me think they're overconfident, and that's not great. Just enough of a sway to draw attention is good. I'd even go so far as to say that it shouldn't even be enough to draw attention except by near-accident. It may not be noticed every time, but that's a good thing. Makes the statement that you've got something, but you don't flaunt it.

h: Dropping of hanky or paper or books or whatever


i: Wiggle a beckoning finger (I'm running out of ideas, okay?)

(It's ok, I would've run out long ago. )

j: Blushing
It can be good if it's part of your character. I dunno if I'd recommend forcing it (can that even be done?). Basically, if you're blushing naturally , it's ok not to hide it. It can be nice. Or, you can try to hide it on purpose, knowing that it'll be noticed. That one's a bit devious, but it can be effective if not overused.

k: Revealing clothing
Hey, I can't argue with that.

It's not always appropriate, or even the most attractive choice. But I won't pretend it doesn't draw the eye.

l: "Ignoring" you, except a few brief glances

No! Nono. Allow me to speak for myself and a million other guys helplessly wondering if that "hastily withdrawn glace" meant something. This is eeeeeevil. It's effective. It's noticed. It gets them thinking about what you want them to think about. But it also gets them doubting, and second guessing themselves, and makes them bloody well nervous. It can inhibit their making of a first move.

I feel better now. Thanks for letting me get that out.

3: Does any of the above bug you when females do it?

The rest is ok, but some of it I've never actually seen happen.

4: Can't think of any other questions... except... Okay, what flirting techniques work on you?
Ummmm...well, see my answers to #2. They were based on what goes for me. I have no idea about the general majority of people.

Bonus for any females who've wandered in: What techniques do you find effective or not?
You're all evil! All of you! Gah!

------Obsidian Asha'man

Proud Warder to BucketBaby

* Totally *

- Teach them all their lesson
- - - Ninjas will always win
- Your work is a ninja's play

*Wails* Here to stay
An Hava Rocks - hard!!

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