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The way it works for me.... Lord Psynister - 17/01/2003 11:19:46 PM

1: Is it -really- that attractive/alluring to have a woman bat her lashes at you?
not really, too much trouble, and it looks weird, just gimme a smile and save yourself the trouble

2:What flirting "techniques" actually work, and how effectively?
a: Flipping/showcasing of hair
not really, though I do like hair very muchly
b: Winking
doesn't do much for me unless there's a big, beautiful smile to go with it
c: Blowing kisses
d: Small, subtle touches or brushes on the arm/hand/etc
now we're getting somewhere, I'd have to say this is my favorite that you have listed
e: Smiling
smiles are so good, I'd say this is number 2 on your list
f: Giggling/Laughing
that would depend on what she's laughing at
g: Swaying of hips
looks good, doesn't do much in the way of flirting though. I don't need to see your hips swaying. If I like how you look from behind, then I'll enjoy looking at it regardless of how it's moving.
h: Dropping of hanky or paper or books or whatever
no, I'll help if it happens, but if you want to let me know that you like me, then just let me know.
i: Wiggle a beckoning finger (I'm running out of ideas, okay?)
not really, but I've never actually had this happen that I recall...
j: Blushing
yeah, blushing is great, here's nuber 3
k: Revealing clothing
no, just looks good to the eye. I like to look at it cuz I'm a guy, but I'd rather get to know you better that to see you better.
l: "Ignoring" you, except a few brief glances
except for brief glances? not unless they're followed but smiles and looking away

3: Does any of the above bug you when females do it?
Fluttering lashes and Ignoring (at least the way you described it) suck. Fluttering lashes is just a waste of time and effort. Give me a smile, and we're all good. If you're ignoring me, then I need to see that you're only "pretending" to ignore me. If you're standing across the room, and every now and then I glance your way and see you looking at me, and when you see me look, you look away real fast and kind smile and maybe blush a bit, then it's all good. But if you're just showing no interrest other than the occasional glance, then you aren't in to me enough for me to care.

4: Can't think of any other questions... except... Okay, what flirting techniques work on you?
Touches, smiles, and blushes are what does it for me. Snuggling, hugging, and touching are where it's at. I enjoy them all muchly. Smiling, and the look in your eyes while you're doing it, *imagines the look in a woman's eyes when she smiles, and is very glad he's sitting down, or else his knees would have given out*, now that is just....Wow. Blushing a bit here and there is really good, can't explain exactly why, just does something for me.

Forever Smitten
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Wedding Date: 08/23/03

No Longer Alfheim's Worst Nightmare
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G'bye Kory, Until we meet again, Bro

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