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Re: *flutters her eyelashes and smiles cutely* Hi boys. Ananke - 18/01/2003 02:32:30 PM

Okay... now how many of you actually came in here because that's cute? How many?

i came here because it was you, nothing else...

1: Is it -really- that attractive/alluring to have a woman bat her lashes at you?

depends on the situation, the woman, etc. If I'm attracted to a woman, and she looks at me in a certain way, I'm going to feel all warm inside, for sure. The batting isn't that important.

1a: if so... why?

2:What flirting "techniques" actually work, and how effectively?

Dunno, never flirted, and girls who flirt with me always do so when I have a girlfriend. Otherwise, they leave me alone. Never figured that one out too... When I got into a relationship with my gf (more than one year ago), none of us really flirted, it just happened...

I guess recieving attention from a girl is a good way to attract my interest. after all, we're all suckers for the appreciation of others.

a: Flipping/showcasing of hair

could work, depdns of the girl/the hair.

b: Winking

intriguing, but not enough for sure

c: Blowing kisses

not really, too easy.

d: Small, subtle touches or brushes on the arm/hand/etc

that's a good way to arouse me, for sure. But then again, if the girl doesn't attrack me, it will do just the reverse

e: Smiling

The first thing I notice in a woman is her smile. REally! Then the eyes, then the way she moves. cleveage isn't the fist thing I see, believe me.

f: Giggling/Laughing

Depends. Giggling is often associated with stupidity, I fear. But a nice laugh is great. Making a woman laugh is a warming experience.

g: Swaying of hips

Might be too obvious. Although, when my gf does that, it DOES work. But with a girl I'm not in a relationship with? dunno.

h: Dropping of hanky or paper or books or whatever

maybe when you're 14.

i: Wiggle a beckoning finger (I'm running out of ideas, okay?)

On a dance floor, maybe. Somewhere else? too obvious again. I want to be able to hunt to some extend... not in a bad way, you understand.

j: Blushing

makes me feel important, so yes

k: Revealing clothing

if it's worn especially for me, then it'll make me wonder, and again feel important. But if I meet a girl in a bar, say, and she's scantily clothed, I'll not be attracted. too easy, or else she's not looking for a serious relationship.

l: "Ignoring" you, except a few brief glances


3: Does any of the above bug you when females do it?

Not really, except for abuses.

4: Can't think of any other questions... except... Okay, what flirting techniques work on you?

I pretty well told you about it. In short form, giving me attention and appreciating the attention I give works well.

Bonus for any females who've wandered in: What techniques do you find effective or not?

Not for me, that one.

Hope I helped!

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