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Yes floffe - 23/04/2004 12:02:52 PM

That’s a personalised Digital Assistant . I’m thinking about getting one with my tax refund. I don’t have much experience with them, so I have a few questions:

What make / model do you have?
Palm Vx. Quite old, maybe six years or so, but sleek, quite a bit of memory (8 MB) and does NOT have batteries that need to be changed
What OS does it use?
PalmOS 4
Is it useful?
What do you use it for?
Sceduling, adress book / phone list (syncs with my comp), todo list, some short notes, now and then a game. It's probably good that I haven't found a great game for it
Do you have Bluetooth and is it useful?
(PDA’s with Bluetooth are a lot more expensive than those without but I cannot see where I would use it).
If you don't have or plan on getting any other Bluetooth gear, don't spend the extra money. Or at least, I wouldn't
Do you have WiFi and is it a reliable connection?
No, only IR. I told you it's old! I haven't tested that function though, as I don't have anything to use it with
(The security aspects of wireless networks worry me but I can see where WiFi is very useful in a PDA, but only if the connection doesn’t keep disappearing and reappearing every two seconds)

Is there lots of software available?
Yes. Quite a bit free as well
Would you recommend one?
Do you know how easy it is to write programs for them?
Don't know really. I'm pretty sure the API is documented and the SDK is available somewhere. *googles* Link below
(I can think of several useful programs I could write for one in either Java or VB but obviously there would have to be a very different environment to write them for and I am concerned that Microsoft charges thousands for the pleasure – I wouldn’t even know where to start with Palm OS)
Start at the link! There is a "getting started" page, with a n overwiew of languages. VB and Java both seem to have the disadvantage that they require a VM of some kind. There seems to be quite a few tools for development on PalmOS, ranging in price from free to some $400

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