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Re: Yup. floffe - 24/04/2004 07:22:48 AM

I have tried Red Hat Linux a couple of times and used it at University. I will probably give Linux another go in the summer. I was thinking SuSe, but I have heard good things about Gentoo. Would you recommend it? I know a fair bit of the theory and technically how it works, but I have very little practical experience.
Gentoo is good if you want to learn. The main drawback is that the install takes a long time. Just make sure you have a few days when you don't need the computer to install it... And it's always good to have read through the installation instructions before starting. Their forums are great, and you don't get any RTFM answers there (even if the manual is really useful). I'd say if you want to learn, gentoo and slackware are great. But with gentoo, you get automatic updating as well.
Wi-Fi is pretty much a must for me at the moment which is a pretty big mark against Palm but I have heard very good things about the Palm OS. Those that have used it - love it.
Yeah, PalmOS is really nice. There seems to be a couple of solutions apart from Tungsten C though. Check out the link. And the Sony Clie PEG-TJ37 has integrated wifi.
I have heard good things about Evolution. Personally I hate Outlook (though I haven't used it for a while it may have got better ), though I may have to consider going back to Outlook if that is the only option :.
I'm sure there are other programs which syncs as well. But Outlook is the only one I've heard about.

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