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excalibur - 23/04/2004 08:48:55 PM

It is... sort of. You won't really need to, unless you wanna wipe the thing and install a Unix variation.

Wasn't planning on a UNIX variation but I noticed that some versions of the Pocket software (MS Money for example) only work with specific versions of Pocket Windows.

PPC comes with a calendar, an address book, and an outlook express email program. It also comes with a CD with Outlook and ActiveSync for the PC. All the PPC function with sync to Outlook on your PC

That is very useful to know. I have avoided using Outlook as I hated earlier versions, I suppose it may be worth it for the advantage of transferability. Having said that some birght spark has probably written a transfer program for other programs too.

Indeed. If you don't have BT enabled devices at the moment, BT probably won't be all that useful. It's fun to have though

I can see it being very useful - it is a very smart technology .

The Dell Axim is actually a very, very good buy. Make sure you get one with SD/MMC memory card though; most come with both that and CompactFlash. SD/MMC is one of the smallest memory cards available, and is widely becoming the standard. Most digital cameras now use it, and it's really quite nice to take a photo and then immediately view it postcard size on the PPC screen (I use BT to transfer mine across, but a MMC card works just as well )

I have been looking at the Secure Memory version. Not only are they significantly cheaper than other models around, the US Dell site has them at about 140 quid cheaper than the UK Dell site. So whilst here it seems sensible. the UK one does come with Bluetooth but to get Bluetooth is only about 60 quid so it is still significantly cheaper.

Yes, there are SDK's for the PDA environment, but you'd need to find one tailored to the OS and Chipbuild of your specific PDA. They're becoming more generic now though, so it'll be easy to find.

That seems fairly straight forward.

A fair deal... if I fully charge it, and just leave it off, it'll take about 8 weeks to decharge, maybe more. If I'm using it, I can get about 10 hours (I think) constant use before it needs to charge again. I haven't really tested this out though.

That is really quite impressive.

I shall have to think on it over the weekend but I am certainly minded to get one .

Thanks for your help .

Aviendha's Englishman

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