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I find it interesting playing NES emulations comes first excalibur - 23/04/2004 01:56:30 PM

It's about 2 years old now: iPAQ 3970


Do you know if it is possible to upgrade OS versions?

Not as useful as I had hoped, but thats on;y because I don't use it properly. It can be as useful as you want it to be. Mine is just a gadget :/

PLaying NES emulations, organisation, internet on the move.... geeky gadgety stuff

Do you have Pocket Outlook? Or what program do you use for the organisation aspects?

Yes, and yes. Veeeery much so.... bluetooth is sold down a lot, but is useful if you have several devices that use it.

You'll use it if, for example, you have a BT enabled mobile, camera, anything The connectivity is really good.

I can see how it would be very useful when you have Bluetooth enabled devices. I don't have any though, and not likely too for a time at least. Therefore I am struggling to justify the extra cost especially when I could get it via an expansion later, though then I would possibly lose some memory expansion.

No, but WiFi is brilliant. Get it if you can.

Yeah, WiFi is a must for me really. It does bump the price but not too badly. Most have it included now.

Loads, although most of it costs.

Hmmm, I'm not too in touch with the PDA scene to be able to, but I know HP make good ones.

I meant overall as opposed to a specific brand. I have been thinking about a Dell Axim though. I rate Dell highly, they have had good reviews, and they are significantly cheaper than comparable products. I have heard very good things about HP ones but they are a fair bit more than the Dell.

If you can get decent compilers, easy. If you know java, simply install the PPC version of the Java SDK, and then your Java programs will work.

I do know Java very well but I could find a PocketPC version of the SDK or Runtime Environment. Do you have one installed? Java is ideal for mobile devices.

Another question for you - how long does your battery last do you think?

Aviendha's Englishman

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