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10 Mistake Women make with Men Tor Books - 30/04/2004 02:57:42 PM

10 mistakes women do with men.

1. They want to feel EMOTIONS and FEELINGS but let the
guy ALONE when the time comes to do important
decisions because they cannot accept any restrictions
to their emotions and feelings. As a result the guy
becomes selfish and starts to think only for himself.
Or if he is a nice guy he tries to please them: at
that point she will find a lover and the cycle will
start again with the lover. Bad business for the
woman. She remains with empty hands at the ends of the
day: no lover, no husband, only loneliness. Because
that bad guy is going to treat her like crap and
because the nice guy will not be able to take her
. They want a man to be faithful to them but they can
appreciate only a man who has experience with women =
a man who bangs all the women because only a man who
bangs all the women really has experience with women.
Now how a man who bangs all the women suddenly becomes

3. They don´t understand that a bad guy is someone who
is going to treat them like crap. So why they complain
after when this guy DOES treat them like crap? They
say that they don´t like nice guys but they cry and
want back to mom when the bad guy is doing his job: be
a bad guy.

4. They play with the fire and then start to cry when
they get burned.

5. They want him to be a LEADER but then put
themselves on his way when he leads. If you want him
to be a leader step off when he leads and let him do
6. They expect for all their life for the PERFECT
PRINCE and while they are waiting they miss all the
Princes avalaible and remain with empty hands.

7. They tell to men ”I want you to listen to me and
treat me like an adult” but what they secretly want is
”Treat me like a little and irresponsible child so I
can feel to be a little lady on your chest”. Even a
child would understand that one can get ONLY ONE OF
THESE TWO and not both.

8. When the guy tries to talk with them on the ADULT
LEVEL they tell him:”Ohh.. this is soo boring.. you
don´t understand my emotions..”

9. When the the guy treats them like a little
irresponsible child they say ”You don´t listen to me,
you don´t treat me as equal”.

10. And last and not least: they don´t realize that
ANY MAN IN THE WORLD when put with the schizophrenic
conflict of the points 8 and 9 (= treat me like an
adult and a child at the same time) WILL LEAVE THEM
SOONER OR LATER because no one can get that for long
without getting mad.

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