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Creepy mystery phone call.. Should I be skeeved out? mother of pearl - 18/04/2004 10:39:11 PM

So this guy just called my cell phone.

Me:Who is this?
Guy:What you don't recognize my voice?
Guy:This is Dave
(my boyfriend's name happens to be dave.. however, this is definitely not my bf.. or any of the other three dave's I know)
Me: Dave who?
Guy:You still don't know me?
Me:No, I can't say that I do... so tell me.
Guy:Wow, you still don't know who I am? That's a hard pill to swallow, but I guess I have to. Tell ya what, I'll talk until you remember who I am.
Guy:You sound a little out of sorts
Me:I'm tired (meanwhile I'm thinking.. so a creepy guy calls me out of no where on a new cell phone that I only recently got that most of my friends don't even know the number to.. nope, I've got this under control.. not freaked out at all
*door bell rings.. I don't get up to answer it*
Guy:So did you party hard?
Me:No, not really, just went to a movie and a game...
Guy:Sounds cool
Me:So I still don't know who this is.
Me:So why don't you tell me.
Guy:I'm Dave.. So are you single?
Guy:Well then.. I'm sorry for wasting your time.. Someone gave me your number and told me not to tell. Just take this as a compliment
Me: WHAT?!
Guy: Don't work too hard tomorrow prepping new releases (I work at a movie store and tomorrow is new release night.. and yes, I work tomorrow)
Me:WHAT?! Wait, who is this?

Am I wrong to be kinda freaked out? I apparently have a stalker now! kee-rist!!

And it turns out that the doorbell was just a friend of my roommates.. but it still creeped me out because of the timing..

And it was a private number and can't be *69'd.

Creeeeeeepppyy! Guys make it better!

Edit:Stupid farking smileys

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
--Albert Einstein

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