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The twisting of tropes is much deeper, I beleive. fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 30/07/2012 06:25:56 AM
Based on your interest in Jordan, and based on the kind of interest you have in Jordan, I think you'll find the endeavor worth it.

I'm not saying your points are wrong. They're bang on target, actually. Except that I'm not at all certain the author doesn't know that and want exactly the same reaction.

Is this all a tall tale that seems to be fitting too neatly into various storytelling tropes, and is hence has no relation to the truth? There's a very good chance that is true. The ultimate character development for Kvothe is not what happens to him in the story. In fact, you'll notice that he doesn't really change at all, in his narration of his past. That's a very realistic portrayal of how someone would tell their story years later. The actual character being developed is "Kote", the innkeeper/retired wizard/storyteller. Many of the facts of his past are relevant, but it seems fairly obvious that the way they're narrated is meant to reflect on Kvothe/Kote's character, not represent the "real" events that happened in that imaginary world.

Be warned, though. The stuff you will come across in the book from this point on (if you decide to continue), will be even more absurd. There are going to be plot elements that will make you want to bang your head against the wall. Or fling the book against it. But keep on, and pay attention to little factoids (like a song a character sings, a ludicrous tale someone heard, and so on...), and I think the story is building up into a very satisfactory reveal, character-wise, and plot-wise.
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