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Don't get me started on Russian literature classes Tom Send a noteboard - 05/04/2017 04:10:04 AM

The most recent poem I can recall reading in a Russian literature class in the 1990s was from the 1930s. It was all prewar Akhmatova, or Mandelstam, or Tsvetaeva at the most recent. It was as though literature ended completely when World War II started in their minds. No one would ever teach a class on postwar authors at the time. It was infuriating. I can appreciate that authors from the 1980s or who were publishing then might not make it onto their radar because it's hard to determine what will endure or be meaningful and what won't, but it was already clear that the 1960s authors had made a mark by then. Hell, even if they didn't want to accept them they at least knew Solzhenitsyn and Shalamov were significant writers.

Political correctness is the pettiest form of casuistry.

ἡ δὲ κἀκ τριῶν τρυπημάτων ἐργαζομένη ἐνεκάλει τῇ φύσει, δυσφορουμένη, ὅτι δὴ μὴ καὶ τοὺς τιτθοὺς αὐτῇ εὐρύτερον ἢ νῦν εἰσι τρυπώη, ὅπως καὶ ἄλλην ἐνταῦθα μίξιν ἐπιτεχνᾶσθαι δυνατὴ εἴη. – Procopius

Ummaka qinnassa nīk!

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