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No, she's apparently not a good writer Tom Send a noteboard - 05/04/2017 08:55:00 PM

Belarus is a joke, by the way. Imagine, for a moment, how nations would treat Minnesota if it as the side effect of some diplomatic error or accident became a country. It has no national self-identity. Some old people in the very far Western part of the country (the part that used to be Eastern Poland) speak a mix of Russian with Polish words thrown in that styles itself as the Belorussian language, but everyone else speaks Russian. If Russia wanted to annex Belarus, it would take 10 minutes, precisely the time it would take to telephone Belarus to tell them they had been annexed. The President, Lukashenko, would be unhappy but his military leaders would probably just shoot him in the head and dump the body in a pit somewhere, and that would be the extent of the bloodshed. People from Belarus will identify as Russian and then, if they say they're from Minsk and someone says, "Oh, you're from Belarus", they'll say, "Same thing as Russia". Every Russian statement about Ukraine not being a legitimate country actually applies to Belarus. It only exists because Russia prefers to have a buffer state between itself and NATO. When Lukashenko dies it will likely just be absorbed into Russia.

From what I read briefly, her work is apparently very derivative and was already written by other people, and better. The only reason she won the prize is because the committee wanted to find a dissident writer speaking out against Putin since the Ukraine crisis had happened in the course of the year (and after the previous laureate was named), and this was the best they could come up with.

Political correctness is the pettiest form of casuistry.

ἡ δὲ κἀκ τριῶν τρυπημάτων ἐργαζομένη ἐνεκάλει τῇ φύσει, δυσφορουμένη, ὅτι δὴ μὴ καὶ τοὺς τιτθοὺς αὐτῇ εὐρύτερον ἢ νῦν εἰσι τρυπώη, ὅπως καὶ ἄλλην ἐνταῦθα μίξιν ἐπιτεχνᾶσθαι δυνατὴ εἴη. – Procopius

Ummaka qinnassa nīk!

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