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For the TV show....which storylines should be sacrified? Jeordam Send a noteboard - 24/06/2019 05:49:50 PM

I was going to just start a new sub-thread in the Moiraine Casting one, but I thought that we could use another line item topic to discuss on the main I started this.

What story lines do you think should be shortened/abbreviated and what story lines should be cut completely?

Here are my thoughts...

Shortened: Faile being taken prisoner by the Shaido, Internal Black Tower power grab

Cut Completely: Elayne securing the Lion Throne, Anything to do with Luca and the Circus, Country/Kingdom internal political struggles, Boarderland Rulers leaving the north, The Ogier

I'm sure there's has been years since I've read wot. Much of the shortened or cut story lines can be accomplished off screen or hinted at without devoting major resources.


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