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From an article on the New York magazine website:

Angela Merkel doesn’t do drama and she doesn’t give speeches on TV. So the mere fact that the German chancellor faced the camera across a desk and spoke to the nation Wednesday evening made the gravity of the situation clear. “Es ist ernst,” she said—“This is serious”— and those three bland words had more power than a hellfire sermon. Then she pivoted from statement to plea: “Take it seriously.” Quickly, she moved on to historical context, the reason for her unprecedented impromptu appearance: “Since German unification—no, since the Second World War—no challenge to our nation has ever demanded such a degree of common and united action. (emphasis mine)

If Angela Merkel is harkening back to Germany's efforts to win the Second World War as an example to follow...doesn't that make UKIP the successors of Winston Churchill, doesn't that make Brexit a modern day Dunkirk? Especially when the Leader of Germany is talking about using emergency powers and restricting citizen's freedoms (not to mention coming from a formerly separate German polity named for its Eastern location).

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