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You summed up so many of my canceled posts in that one sentence ... Roonas Send a noteboard - 04/12/2020 09:52:11 PM

It's not a simple answer.

I have opened this main post and a few others, typed responses trying to cogently get my points of view and feelings on these subjects down in text, and about halfway through each of them lately ...I just exit the window.

Mainly because my written words almost don't do the concepts I am trying to convey justice. Your rhetorical at the end hits home all across the globe, Mook - and this grand experiment has real world impact both on a local and global scale.

It's sad but between the calls for justice across the globe (the current marches in India of millions of people) to the impacts of the virus we really are seeing seismic shifts in our foundations, yet to quantify and qualify it requires a situational awareness and birds-eye view, at the same time as using an electron microscope to get into the finer details on an individual level - both of which are just not possible.

That's why the illusion of history is always tainted, myths and history books are the same thing just further diluted and "perceived" in the partakers mindset against their own personal experiences the further the distance from the event.

Your question will be answered I think when we as a species can both exam the macro and micro impacts in real-time on both a personal and global level - and that would need something akin to Gaia from Asimov's later foundation novels (personally distasteful to me).

I know two things for certain - we all suffer the human condition; and if we all remembered that fact on a frontal lobe level we could answer your rhetorical and do something about it.

Thanks to everyone for this discussion, s'been good reading and thinking material.

-Tom C.


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