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Yeah they undid it on another show. Cannoli Send a noteboard - 15/03/2023 12:20:58 PM

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Why is Baby Yoda back, then? Did they explain this?

In the middle of the first season of "The Book of Boba Fett", they featured two episodes (in a 7 episode season) all about Din Djarin. He melted down the beskar spear he got in the Asoka Tahno episode to make a mail shirt for Baby Yoda, and brought it to him on the planet where he was training under soka and a CGI abomination playing Luke. They refused to let Din see Grogu, but took the mail shirt on his behalf, and then Luke offered Grogu a choice between Din's mail shirt and Real Yoda's old lightsaber, saying that he had pick either roaming around with Din or staying to complete his training and give up the other for good.

They cut away without revealing Baby Yoda's choice, and then he somehow flew Luke's X-wing to Tatooine to join in the final battle between Boba Fett's retarded gang and some fan service cosplayers diverse allies and a swarm of anonymous aliens in identical masks with the tactical acumen of shooting gallery targets, and a preference for hand-to-hand combat when confronting physically imposing enemies deadly rival crime syndicate. He contributed by using the Force to tear out a critical piece of a giant combat droid that was massacring the good guys.

Those two episodes also set up the quest that has been the through-line of the first two episodes of this season of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin's need to atone for the sin of removing his helmet where others could see, by bathing in a holy pool on the Mandalorian home planet. They recapped that conversation between Din & the Smith-Priestess in the first episode of this season, where he made a redundant second visit to her on a completely different planet to have the conversation a second time about his need and method of atonement, and the supposed impossibility thereof. Which means the writers of these shows wrote a redundant conversation for the benefit of those who had NOT seen the other show, but also placed an important plot point in that other show with little or no explanation of how the status of the show's most popular prop second lead "character" was reset between seasons 2 & 3.

And for the record, those Mando episodes of the Boba Fett show featured Fett in only a single scene, where IIRC, he says nothing. And it was the least destructive of his image, precisely because they did not feature him saying stupid things that undermined his image from Empire Strikes Back as a hyper competent badass.

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