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I'm only going by what Joss says in the commentary for the first episode of Angel, on the DVD set. He says that when he first made Buffy, he wanted to put Xander's friend Jessie in the opening credits so that people would be surprised when he died so quickly. But that would have meant making two versions of the credits, and they didn't have the budget for it. So when he started Angel, he made two versions of the credits so that he could kill off a main character and keep people on their toes.

Seems you're right (and in any case Glenn Quinn died more than two years after his exit), Wikipedia has the same story and I can't immediately find where I got the alternative version... somewhere on IMDB, I thought. I still don't find it a good move, though - put the show back almost at square one. And in any case I was never a big fan of Wesley, even after the significant growth he goes through on Angel.
From what I've heard, Carpenter kept her pregnancy a secret from Joss and the cast until it couldn't be hid any longer, and then the writers were forced to do a series of last-minute changes to the season arc to incorporate the pregnancy, ultimately leading to the out-of-left-field sequence that ended the season. I don't think Joss did anything or said anything against her publicly, but all of a sudden she was removed from the show, and only brought back for the closure episode for the fans' sake. Her romance with Angel had been fairly unpopular with fans too, so it's possible they couldn't think of anything good to do with her character at that point either.

It was rather abrupt, yeah. I liked her romance, but I guess a lot of fans think Angel and Buffy shouldn't date anyone but each other, or something. :P
Fred's death broke my heart when I first saw it. I think it was Joss swinging to an "all male" show for the last bit so that it had a dark feel with all the sacrifice and such. Illyria wasn't male of course, but she had a male sort of energy with her accent and her violence and her presence.

Yes... to tell you the truth I'm not a fan of the ending of either series. Even apart from both feeling rushed due to external factors. But then, Wikipedia just tells me that Whedon's planning for Angel season six included Fred returning after all, and poor Amy Acker having to play two major characters at the same time.
Poor Tara. :( It was definitely done for Willow's character development though. But Joss certainly did go for the sudden, brutal, unexpected impact, same as he did with Wash. At least Fred got a whole episode for us to hope they would save her at the last minute.

Yeah, it's just, you know, a shame to sacrifice a fan favourite character just for Willow's character development - as if she never was more than Willow's love interest.
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