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Justificationishesquenessly. ngallagher - 27/01/2003 04:53:30 PM

Yeah, right, that's what we all say. "No, really, I do have a point!" "I'm sorry, teacher, I did have a point, but my dog ate it." "Me, I'm too cool to have a point." "Ha! Look at all the points that nerd has!" SO to sum up this conclusion, .

You do have a knack of getting right to the point, don't you?

Ugh, that commercial made me unhappy. I thought the exact same thing as you; I don't know what moron ad executive thought it was a good idea, but he should be strung up by his toes. Amazingly, it's ABC, rather than Fox, that's showing this particular piece of waste.

I know. Usually it's Fox making the dumb shows. The scary thing is, they must be making money on them if ABC is following the same path. Society is a collective pervert.

Oh, and you watched the SUpoerbowl? Aren't you Canadian or something? Isn't American football against the law up there?

I don't know about any SUpoerbowl, but I DID watch the Superbowl, imported on illegal cable television from south of the border. I gave the cops a false tip to keep them on the other side of town for most of the day. Actually, I don't watch much football, but I figured I couldn't pass this up. It was entertaining to watch the Buccaneers ... the other team? You mean there was another team? Well I'll be darned ...

I'm surprised you're just now noticing this. I've heard other people comment on this, and I agree: heaven forbid we make fun of men, but as soon as someone makes a harmless joke about a woman, it's sexism of the highest order. This reaction is nowhere near the standard among women--most don't mind at all, and know that it's just kidding. There are feminists, though (Dworkin, if she's still alive, and I think she is, although I'm not up on militant feminism so I actually have no real idea, but I can't remember hearing about her dying and it seems like it would be news), that go beyond all bounds of rationality and well into the realm of reverse discrimination--which is okay, to them, since men are simple pigs and can be discriminated against as much as they please. My, that was a lot of words about a topic I know almost nothing about.

I'd say the childhood bullying would explain her anger and angst, with a name like Dworkin. Kids can be so cruel ...

Well, I think it's more likely that the woman was just a bit of a moron. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if a man, put in the same situation (where he is at fault, not the police), reacted the same way and sued. People are just stupid, I guess. How sad, for that to be the lesson of the day.

I heard it on the radio this morning when the darn thing decided to wake me up again, so I had to dig around a little on the net to find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, all I could find was this rag caught on a branch. I think it may have belonged to nothing but the truth, but the trail is at least a month old.

Froderick. I mean, William.

Don't worry, Frod. We'd never tease you about your real name. *insert discreet snickering here*

Warder to starry_nite

One day.

May I suggest:

one two three four five six nine and ten
money can't buy you back the love that you had then

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