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You want a piece of Mr. Toe? ngallagher - 27/01/2003 05:09:33 PM

One part of me looks at that and says "Yeah, that's what certain applications of media are teaching our youth. No, it's not right. It's a crappy situation, and it's not getting any better." This part of me just accepts that it's a fact of today's world, sad place that it's becomming.

Another part wants to say "Sure, that's what TV is saying, but your general person is smarter than that. There comes a point where you've got to step back and realize that even though Superman can fly in the show, it's probably not a good idea to put on a cape and jump off your roof." I'd really really like to raise my flag in this camp, but in brutal honesty I'm not getting much support from the youth.

That's a good summation right there. *nods* I don't know which is true either, but I look at a lot of the youth out there right now and I see people striving to look sexy, even right down to younger grades ... and getting younger all the time. I have to wonder if they can tell the difference when they've been raised with a television that tells them, generally, only one side of the story. We here on the site, for the most part, were raised in a generation when the TV, though cool and filled with good cartoons and the X-Files, wasn't nearly the most important or time-filling part of our day. These days the kids are watching MTV and reality shows, and I've heard that the average kid watches six hours of television per day. Considering that they get home from school at 3:00, this six hours takes them to 9:00. Bedtime. Ouch.

It's not. We just haven't complained yet. We will eventually, and everyone will be watching their step so closely to be PC that nobody will be able to express themselves anymore. Hell, that's not far from the truth now.

Yeah, it's sad. I'm all for gender equality. As far as I can tell, we've pretty much got that in the general society these days; the girls I grew up with were pretty much equal, and most of them could kick the rest of the class's butts academically. We worry about it too much.

I hadn't noticed, but you're right. Glory-hogs? I'm not touching that one with a 10' pole. Honestly, I don't know why. Maybe it's a derivative of women's whole Need To Be Noticed Because Their Gender Was Oppressed? I firmly believe that is a thing of the past, but there's another generation to go before its effects have been bred out of the public eye.

*shrugs* I really have no idea.

On a side note, if those examples reflect your taste in music then you've got some great taste in music.

Yeah ... fairly close. I'll list the artists I like enough to own CDs of here, just for something to do (in rough order of favorites):

Dave Matthews Band
Our Lady Peace
Counting Crows
Sarah McLachlan
Goo Goo Dolls
Alanis Morrisette
Celine Dion
Bruce Cockburn

I also like people such as Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Third Eye Blind, and Avril Lavigne (though that Skater Boy song makes me squirm a little; just because I've never seen a "Skater Boy" who isn't a young punk going nowhere ). Yup. I think that's about it. I love my music. DMB, Counting Crows, and Our Lady Peace are just ... wow.

I'm a big believer in people getting what they deserve. Especially if they do adolescent little things like that. Call me vengefull or something, but it makes it all the sweeter. Removing all her clothes sounds a little harsh, but maybe she should have thought about that before hand. Maybe they could have just handcuffed her instead? There could be some rule against that or something though, I wouldn't know. At any rate, no men and women should not be treated differently. I was raised in a time and place where male and female really were equal. I'm not talking some pretense of equality striving to achieve its illusion, I'm talking about the real deal. It makes it shocking to me sometimes to hear that people expect things to be otherwise. I don't think any kind of general statement like "women only want to be equal in things that are to their benefit" is fair, but I do think that some of us are still adjusting to our new world.

Handcuffing her in the first place would have made things ... less bad, I guess. Hard to say if they're allowed to do that unless things get out of hand, though. Let's hope the adjustment won't take much longer ... Britney Spears isn't helping, making young girls want to be sex symbols ... *sighs*

Thanks very much for writing.

Always, man. Always.

Warder to starry_nite

One day.

May I suggest:

one two three four five six nine and ten
money can't buy you back the love that you had then

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