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Re: Men, Women, and That Stuff Between Your Toes Kory - 27/01/2003 07:49:57 PM

Okay. I'm no sociologist, and I'm no moral crusader, but ... does this seem wrong to anyone else? Are these the values we're trying to teach our children? That as long as you're sexy you'll get through life just fine, and if you aren't sexy anything you do counts for squat? That just ... sucks. *decided to boycott whatever stupid channel is doing this*
Of course, this is awful. Of course, we should not teach these values to our children. Unfortunately, it will probably do quite well in the ratings.
SECONDLY: If it were women being portrayed this way in many commercials, you can bet there would be a fuss thrown ... so why is the opposite any better?
Because our society is fond of repapartions and balancing past wrongs by commiting new ones. Nothing makes us feel better than to turn abusive or discriminating behavior around on history's offenders. We are incapable of learning from and ceasing a behavior, we can only turn it on somebody else until we begin to feel sorry for them and move it somewhere else.
SIXTH AND LASTLY: Do women change band members all the time and thus not name the band as a whole? Are women just glory-hogs? This is not to criticize anyone ... I just find the difference interesting.
Mostly, I believe it would be easy to find out that marketing reports show women leads sell records, and having their name up front assures that nobody overlooks the album.
<b>FOURTHLY: {QUOTE}So ... what do you think of this? Personally, I think the woman got what she deserves, and has no reason to complain about it. If a man did the same thing, the same would be done to him, made naked in view of the other prisoners (both male AND female, remember). Would he have sued? I don't know; but it's likely that this situation has happened before, since there is a procedure for it, and I've never heard of any legal action resulting from it (at least not any successful legal action; the procedures are still in place, right?). Should women be treated differently than men in such situations? Wouldn't this be discrimination, the very thing feminists fought against for so long? Do women only want to be equal in things that are to their benefit, but not equal in anything else?

Ideally, we would treat women as equals, and they would like it. In reality though, we have only redirected the actions that displeased them, while attempting to maintain reverence for them. Unfortunately, this creates several conundrums when legal interpretations of equal rights are involved.
Legally, the officers probably did nothing wrong.... but wouldn't anyone want to kick their arse for doing it?

later nate,


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